An Extra Day Off Allows Me to Show My Love with Homemade Chicken Soup

I’m off work on Fridays. I work four 10-hour shifts per week in exchange for three-day weekends. My productivity is much better with this schedule. I’m at my desk an extra two hours per day, which allows me to finish projects that I would be forced to pause at the end of the day and resume the next morning with the normal five day schedule. My work is much smoother when I can complete tasks all in one sitting.

I love my schedule because it allows me to run all of my errands and conduct my personal business on Fridays. The license bureau, doctor’s office, insurance office, and many other businesses are closed on weekends. I would be forced to use vacation or flex my time to conduct my business on a typical schedule. I do my grocery shopping, banking, and participate in many group activities on Fridays. I also save 20 miles worth of gas and wear and tear on my car every week.

I had planned to stay home all weekend due to extremely cold temperatures and chances of snow. I thought I was stocked up on everything we would need. I tried to avoid the grocery store yesterday, but I needed two things. Only two. I needed chicken and coffee. The Real Feel temperature was -4 when I left my house. I didn’t want to go very far. Since Dollar General doesn’t sell chicken and the owners of our nearest grocery store closed it a few months ago, I went to Walmart.

Hundreds of other people had been there before me. They were stocking up on supplies so they could hunker down at home all weekend, which had been my plan. Things were picked over, but I found what I needed. Every aisle I traversed had someone restocking food and supplies as fast as possible. Even during the morning hours, which are normally slower, the store was packed and merchandise was flying off the shelves.
My whole purpose in braving the cold and the crowds yesterday was my quest to make homemade chicken soup for my husband. He works nights when the temperatures are the coldest. At the time this article was written the Real Feel was 8 degrees, and my husband had been at work for only three hours. I wanted to be able to send something hearty and hot with him that wouldn’t give him heartburn as chili could. Something made with love, of course.

I chopped up the chicken and tossed it in my crock pot. I added chicken broth, green beans, carrots, corn, and baby butter beans with herbs and spices. I cooked it on high for several hours, and it was the perfect dinner on such a frigid night. I filled a thermos with my chicken soup and sent it to work with my sweet husband along with a cup of strong coffee. I felt good knowing that I sent him with a nice hot meal to help keep him warm.

Sometimes the little things in life make all the difference. Working longer days so I can have an extra day off allows me to take better care of those I love. While my husband could have taken a can of commercial soup with him last night, it wouldn’t have been made with love.

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