About Me


My name is Margarite, and I’ve lived in the Ozarks my entire life. During regular business hours, I work for a community action agency where I help people make their homes more energy efficient. The rest of the time, I’m a nana, country cook, preserver of nature’s bounty, savvy shopper, author, and someone who deals with special diet restrictions due to a health condition. I have two beautiful grand-babies, two step-kids, a husband, a dog, two cats, and a gold fish. I currently have a household of five people including a newborn baby girl who is my precious princess.

I’m writing this blog to share my knowledge, thoughts, and musings with anyone who is interested. I may even share some recipes now and then. My friends often express admiration for the things that I take for granted as simply being part of life. For example, I’ve always known that you must use a pressure cooker to can green beans, but boiling bath jam is perfectly acceptable.

“Waste not, want not” is my philosophy. Now that my family has expanded, it is more important that ever to use my resources wisely. I strive to live well, have fun, preserve what nature gives me, waste nothing, shop smart, and write about it all.

I’ve submitted an application to become an Amazon Associate.