Kindness is not Dead

Kindness is not dead. I have become so accustomed to the vast majority of people being selfish that when someone shows kindness, I’m often taken aback by it. Yesterday was no exception. As you may remember, I work for a community action agency. I deal with people who are often overwhelmed by the struggles in their lives. I’m there to help them, not the other way around.

A lady came into my office with only her application yesterday morning. She had none of the documentation that is required for me to process her application. I explained what she needed to her deflated countenance. She politely took the list of requirements from me and told me that she would return soon.

She returned about three minutes later asking for my fax number. She explained that she could have some of the documentation faxed to me. I told her that was perfect for me, and gave her the number.

She made a couple phone calls to arrange everything. Then she told me that she could obtain her award letter from another agency, and would return shortly. As she stood to go, she asked, “Do you need anything while I’m out? A Coke? Anything to eat?”


In the eight years that I have been a community action worker, I have never had a client offer to buy me a Coke. I was completely speechless for a moment. I told her that I was fine, and thanked her for offer. I know how much money this lady makes. The fact that she was willing to spend some of her extremely limited funds to bring something back to the office for my comfort completely flabbergasted me.

There are still kind people in the world. Many of them are currently donating and volunteering for the disaster that Harvey brought upon Texas and Louisiana. The internet is full of stories of selfless citizens rescuing stranded flood victims and their pets. Meanwhile, one kind person who really has quite little to spare is offering to buy a perfect stranger a Coke. Kindness comes in all sizes.



    • Yes, they are. I was so touched that I had to write about it. I’ve certainly never done that. I’ve never even thought about it. Perhaps I should offer the lady at the DMV a Coke next time I need to round up more paperwork. I must renew my drivers license in a few months, and it’s quite likely I will be making more than one trip to accomplish that particular task.

  1. I am so glad someone did something nice like that for you. You are a great person!
    Little kind moments in our lives make days seem brighter. It is such a touching feeling when someone unexpectedly thinks of you when they are dealing with so much themselves. It was a kind gesture to you and may blessings go to her for her kindness.

  2. There isn’t very much kindness in this world anymore. Sometimes a smile,or a kind word would really make someones day. People are all caught up in what is going on with “Them” and forget that others are not so well off. They don’t realize how blessed they are, when most people struggle just to get necessities. God Bless this lady. Hope all goes well for her. Remember her and play it forward. Thank God for economic security, they do so much good in the community. God Bless all of you.

    • A smile doesn’t cost anything, and can make a world of difference to someone. You never know what burdens a person is suffering. We should all practice and little more kindness, and the world would be a better place.

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