Ozarks Maven is cutting back a bit.

Ozarks Maven means the world to me. However, I’m not certain that I am going to be able to maintain daily posts. I love writing, and I love my readers. A few of my awesome readers have told me that they look forward to my post in their inbox every morning. To those of you who look forward to my little seeds of wisdom and joy on a daily basis, I apologize. However, Ozarks Maven isn’t the only thing I write.

I have a novel that hasn’t been touched in way too long and several short pieces that need edited. I’ve made 23 submissions to contests and publishers in past month on top of writing 34 blog posts. Today’s post makes number 35. I also have a full time job, a family, and belong to a handful of groups that require my attention.

I’ve been ignoring many things since beginning Ozarks Maven. I am fully dedicated to the success of this blog. That being said, I feel that the quality of some of my posts isn’t up my usual standards. I often feel rushed to complete a post, so I can deal with the issues that life throws at me. I only want to present my very best work to you.

I haven’t completely analyzed the data yet, but I anticipate posting three to four times per week. I believe that the quality of my posts will improve; my family won’t feel so neglected; the household chores won’t be so piled up; and I can finally dedicate some time to work on my novel. I think my novel will be pretty good if I can just finish it.


I’ve been burning my candle at both ends, and the two sides are about to burn each other out. I get up at 5:30 a.m. and usually don’t get to bed until around midnight. Then I often can’t sleep because I’m thinking about all the things that I need to be doing. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not 25 anymore. I’m not even 35 anymore. My body is protesting the fact that I’ve been going on so little sleep and so much caffeine.

Thank you for supporting Ozarks Maven, my dear readers. I shall notify you of my schedule once I’ve determined what days would be best. I am open to suggestions if any of you have strong opinions on the subject. Until then, rest well, eat well, and enjoy the little things in life.


  1. Wise choice my friend. We must take care of ourselves. Finding balance in life is a journey. Keep on your writing path, and you will sort it out as you go. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and having a relationship with our loved ones is an important part of our journey, for their benefit, as well as our own. Peace and love, as we aging hippies say. LOL!

    • Thank you very much, Janiece! There are times when I seem to believe that I’m super human, and take on more than I can comfortably handle. I usually manage fine, but it just takes one little bump in the road of my life to really throw me off kilter. All it takes is one emergency, unexpected family issue, business trip, stomach bug, or fever to put me way behind on everything that I need to accomplish.

      I want Ozarks Maven to be a representation of me. I want it to be entertaining, educational, and bring joy into the lives of those read it. Life is difficult for many of us. We battle our demons in our own unique ways. I want to bring a small respite from the battles of my readers, and perhaps make someone chuckle every now and then.

      Thank you so much for your support, Janiece!

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